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wood carving of chipmunk by Denny Lutgen of woodcarversmn
Denny Lutgen

Joining a wood carving club can help you improve your carving skills. Wood carving is a relaxing and peaceful process that can have a great impact on your body, mind, and spirit. It demands thoroughness, focus, patience, and vision.

It is easy to join, just fill out the membership form and mail it along with your check or bring it to the next wedsday meeting.

Membership Form

woodcarving by Mary Kimbal of metrowood carvers
Mary Kimball

wood carving by Karen Henderson of woodcarversmn
Karen Henderson

bird carving by Ken Munger of woodcarversmn
Ken Munger

Here are some other reasons to join a wood carving club:
Learn from others: 
You can learn from watching and talking to other wood carvers.

Introduce you to new tools and skills:
Wood Carving Work allows you to introduce new tools and skills as you feel confident.

Make money:
Wood carving can be a very profitable career. You could start your own business, selling custom-made pieces, or become an instructor and teach others how to carve.

Wood carving has a fairly steep learning curve.

Some of the things you need to learn include:
Holding the tools correctly
Learn to sharpen your tools properly
utting at the correct angle
Judging how much wood to remove with each cut
Choosing the best tool for each cut

Wood carving is not an expensive hobby. You can start for free with tools you already have. You can buy all the high-quality beginner tools you'll need for less than the cost of a single video game.

snowman wood carving by Chip Sperry of woodcarversmn
Chip Sperry

You have no idea of the enjoyment of wood carving plus the camaraderie of all the members
and the 
help they share .  Join us today and find out for yourself the joy it can bring you.

Membership Form

wood carver Doug Erickson of Minnesota Wood Carvers Association

New carver Doug Erickson showing some 
of his recent projects

wood carving projects by Doug Erickson of woodcarversmn

Recent projects for Doug Erickson

meeting of Metro Wood Carvers Group

Attendance at a recent meeting
of Metro Carvers MN .