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Minnesota Metro Wood Carvers

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Wood Carvers of MN


Minnesota Metro Woodcarvers offers Beginner Woodcarving classes
Tuesday nights from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. New classes start the first Tuesday
of each month, and run for 4 weeks or start any time with prior approval
from Lee Olson. Students are encouraged to continue attending for
free after completing the class. The club members are happy to help
you learn the basics of any technique of hand wood carving you choose.

Mary Ann Young Center
9150 Central Avenue Blaine, Minnesota
(Enter through Door #7, west side, toward the water tower)
Class Fee of $45 Includes:
MWCA Membership (one year)
MWCA Newsletter Email Subscription (one year)
Four Wooden Blanks
Carving Knife
Sharpening Stick
Four evenings of instruction by members of the Minnesota Wood Carvers Association
For more information please contact:
Lee Olson 
Email: Lee.wdcarver@gmail.com
Phone: 612.750.4041

Down load this form and fill out for the wood carving class registration

Sponsored by the MetroWoodcarvers Chapter of the Minnesota 
Wood Carvers Association. The first night is spent sharpening the
knife and starting to carve. Each lesson adds information such as
working with different types of wood, wood grain and different
finishes. The projects are designed to get you started during
class and enough information to finish at home.

Below is from one of our regular monthly meetings with a guest instructor 
teaching some new things to carve and new techniques to use.